Thursday, October 28, 2010

Turn that Frown Upside Down

I really wanted this blog to be positive and up lifting place for women going through all these struggles with their children. It would be a place to relate and encourage one another...LOL Who was I kidding, the last couple days have been rough! My Son seems to do this about once a month, once a month we have what I call "Manic Man" in our house. He shuts down, acts out, refuses to listen, gets in trouble is down right exhausting and heart breaking. This morning I took him to the gym daycare like I usually do and went off to my work out. When I returned an hour later the "teacher" was noticbly distraught with him and he was noticbly confused as well. It was like he didn't understand why he had been in trouble so much. He wanted this particular toy back that she had taken away because he was throwing it and he was obsessing about it. He kept asking for it back and when he realized we were leaving and he was not going to get to play with it again today...HE LOST IT! Screaming and crying all the way out to the car and all the way home. He was screaming in the house when we got home for about 10 minutes and then at that point he had upset himself so much that he threw up on himself and then he suddenly started laughing...WHAT? As many times as I have been through this and as much as I know now that inappropriate laughter is just another symptom of his neuro problems it still frustrates me to no end. But as quickly as it escalated is how quickly it stopped and he took off all his clothes and layed down on the couch to watch a show on TV. Today was an especially hard day because I had some other family issues come up and I was stressed about those as well so I think I may have put my own stress on him which we so often do with our kids but my Monkey definately reminds me that I am doing that with his behaviors :(

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This...

I don't think anything my Mama could have said could have prepared me for days like today. Today was a rough one and it is funny because I have had harder days than today but when you are in the moments of the day you just can't see straight enough to know that it will pass. I feel helpless, frustrated and oh so alone in those moments. I have no one to blame but myself for today because I allowed my little Tiger to have food he shouldn't have had yesterday and shame on me! I knew I was going to pay for it today and probably tomorrow too. That seems to be his pattern...about two days to get the junk out of his system. So I will be kicking myself again tomorrow I am sure!

Today's Especially Great Moments: Him pointing out in the grocery store that he was being a good boy because he was sitting still but his brother was not because he kept trying to climb out of the cart...LOL He carried "his" bag of groceries to the car all by himself. And he was sure to point it out to me that he is a big strong 4-year-old now! : D

Rough Patches: This morning when I left the kitchen for a brief moment to take a phone call and I walked back into a kitchen with garbage dumped all over the floor! Why? I don't know?! Sometimes he just does things and I don't know of the many frustrating things about this stage in our journey. Then in the Gym Daycare he got in trouble for being too aggressive with all the other kids and for taking every box of toys off the toy shelf and just dumping them on the floor. He didn't want to play with them, he just wanted to dump them out...just like the trash earlier in the day?!?! Again, not sure I understand and I am not afraid to admit it...I just don't know enough about what is going on yet. Then the final straw for him came this afternoon. He was quietly playing with his train set and the train accidentally fell off the track...this turned into a shut down moment. He started to cry and "forgot" how to put it back on the track. Keep in mind my child is normally BRILLIANT when it comes to his train engineering abilities. The kid builds the most unbelievable courses for his trains to follow but when he is having a "bad" day the simplest task like putting the cars back on the track become too difficult to handle. This tantrum escalated into a 30+ minute inconsolable tantrum. It was so heart wrenching and frustrating at the same time. I held him close and tried to comfort him but he just retreated away and screamed louder and then I tried to separate him from me to keep my sanity and he just followed me around the house continuing to scream and cry. It was awful. But then suddenly he stopped, lay down and fell asleep. It is the craziest thing and I have no idea how to handle it yet but this is typically what happens at the end of a bad day like today.