Who Am I?

Who am I? Well I can tell you I am no, Jenny McCarthy or Holly Robinson Peete but I still feel I have a voice worth hearing. I struggle everyday with being a good Mom and trying to do the right things for my Son. I certainly don't have access to the Medical Luxuries that celebrity moms have. I have three things for sure, a God to look to for emotional strength, a supportive family and a drive to get educated anyway I can on the struggles my Son faces. I spend a lot of time on my knees everyday asking God for strength to keep fighting. Some days feel like Ground Hogs Day...the same tantrums, fixations, obsessive compulsive behaviors, struggles with speech and understanding, food aversions, sleep issues...over and over again. By bedtime I am exhausted but still stay up late just to get the me time I have been looking forward to all day. My goal with this blog is first and foremost for myself to have a place to "talk" out my day and hopefully in doing this for myself also reach out to other Moms going through this. And maybe some of them will reach back...

When I first started this blog the above info is what I wrote but about a month after starting it I had some life changes that happen and I decided to add to the about me by creating a LONG Blog Post and if you would like a little more insight into me and where I come from click on the Label "New Focus" in the right margin :)

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