Wednesday, May 18, 2011

MIA and a Tri

I have been MIA again and I am sorry for that, I have gotten off schedule and had a busy couple months. I will be blogging my 40 day challenge still because I did do it, just didn't get the blogging part done. I now have a new (to me) laptop I got for Mother's Day so I can sit in the living room and blog while my little one plays (yes that was not plural on purpose, Monkey is in school now) SO much to catch up on so much to vent about, I just don't even know where to begin...UGH! That is what I get for not making the time to blog anymore and allowing life to get too busy for me time again. Am I the only one who struggles with this? I get in a groove and then one of the kids gets sick or decides they want to get up earlier and it throws everything off and I am so focused on getting routine back I forget about me (and my blog) :(
I have managed to make workout time again for me since Monkey started school. In fact I am training for a mini me crazy but I am kind of excited about it!

Mostly cause I am going to look like this by October....HAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe after several trips to the plastic surgeon :)

Actually in all honesty I really just need some kind of goal to work towards rather than working out just to lose weight. I have been doing that for a year and in some ways I feel better but in others the weight loss has highlighted some very unhappy side effects of pregnancy and made me realize the only way i will ever wear a tight shirt again is with spanks (too hot in FL for that) or a tummy tuck. A bit discouraging since I am not too sure about the idea of plastic surgery. I need to learn to embrace my new "Mommy" body and move on so my new focus is to push this body beyond what I have ever done before in my life. I was going to do a half marathon last March but the training time was too short and so I gave up on it. I felt terrible about giving up but I was SO NERVOUS about running that far without proper training. This Tri is months away so I have plenty of time to prepare and I pretty comfortable with the different legs versus a big long run, running is not really my forte. I am super comfortable with the swim because I was a distance swimmer in High School and the swim is just a half biggie (lol), the bike ride I am not so comfortable with but I have lots of time to work on that and the run is only a 5k which is short enough that I have complete faith I can pull it off with some good training behind me. SO far my training has been mostly "running" to work on my cardio, but this week I started what I feel will be my training for the rest of the time: Monday-Run/Elliptical, Tuesday-Muscle Works Class (not really part of the training but it is part of my regular workout regimen and I am not ready to let it go yet cause I love it, maybe when we get closer to the tri I will have to give it up to get better prepared) Wednesday-Swim, Thursday-Muscle Works Class, Friday-Bike/Spin Class and hoping to get out for a Bike ride at least once over the weekend, depending on our schedule. I think this will be a good start and after I get back from my trip over the summer I will take it all to the next level for 6 weeks to really be prepared. Oh yes and I am trying to do yoga every night to relax my tired muscles and continue to get some prayer time in every night :)
More to come soon!

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